Insect Breeding Systems

For a brighter tomorrow

Insectec is a technology company offering insect breeding equipment and an expandable, portable, automated insect farm for sustainable feed and food production. Our mission is to make insect farming more efficient and accessible to every farmer.

Breeding system

Insectec control system

Equipped with latest sensors to 24/7 monitor the breeding process. The system includes temperature, noise and humidity measurement. It is connected to the web to allow remote control.

Insectec App

Our steering system is giving full transparency in a dashboard. The AI supported software is giving smart recommendations to optimise the farming process.

Insectec Irrigation

Efficient, antibacterial and controlled fresh water supply.  The patent pending solution is eliminating the need for antibiotics and human intervention.

Insectec dry feed system

Simple and super efficient set-up ensuring constant feed supply. The construction is allowing food waste feed and is minimising costs.

Insectec Farm

Vertical insect farming technology

We are building an end-to-end insect farm in a 40ft container. Core feature is the modular, portable set-up allowing to scale easily and farm almost everywhere. The IoT based industrial process and AI supported control system will allow remote, efficient and autonomous farming.

Humidity Regulation

over the growth cycle ensures optimal growth conditions

Temperature Control

provides perfect reproduction circumstances

Noise Analysis

allows to monitor the well-being of the insects

Insectec Team

We are more than just five founders, we are partners in crime and friends on a mission to improve our beautiful world with the help of some very small not so beautiful creatures.

Mathias Rasch

Teacher by education is our visionary using his knowledge gained at school and running his edible insect start-up to educate people about the positive impact of insects and our vision for a more sustainable future to market our endeavour.

Maximilian Wagner

Civil engineer by education is our master builder using his knowledge gained in structural engineering and construction management that all our great ideas are getting build in a proper way.

Konstantin Speidel

Business economist by education is our banker using his knowledge gained in finance and start-up collaboration to manage our money and find sources of capital.

Josef Hirte

Physicist by education is our master mind who is using his knowledge gained in the engineering of food quality insurance and while running his edible insect start-up to plan our production facility.

Cooperation Partners

Industrial Innovators, good for cash

Technical University Munich, always good to have

Six Feet To Eat, best cricket-farmers around

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